Artist Statement

To me, the people in the family album photos have always seemed alive, attractive and even beautiful. But the main inspiration for me to use them in my work has always been Alas! they no longer live. It’s years and decades now that their lives have ended and they are now being decomposed and decayed beneath the ground. But on the other hand, they are still with us; because of the photos that we have and this is the miracle and magic of image.

Throughout the years I have tried to deal with the relationship between existence and nonexistence and to have a new interpretation of such concepts and turn the physical act of seeing to a dialogue and a mutual relationship between those who do not exist (or exist through their images) and the viewers who presently exist but will eventually be gone. The combination of printed images and the mirror fragments on top, different layers of images, images with varied degree of clarity, etc were all different means to achieve this objective.

About three years ago, seeing the visual effects of print on a thin mesh was an exciting discovery that led to achieving a new expression in continuation of my former works. The figures on the mesh, like ghosts or memories, demonstrated a mishmash of being visible and nonvisible.

Now I have found a new practice with an extremely tempting capacity to express and display other aspects of existence and nonexistence together with presence and absence. “Journey” (exhibited at Assar Art Gallery in 2014 and AB Gallery in 2016) and “Remained” (exhibited at Assar Art Gallery in 2014 and the Iran Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015) were the beginning of a new period.

November 2016